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Shroom Brew- Mushroom Coffee

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Mushroom Coffees are very quickly becoming the only way health conscious pioneers drink their coffee. And for good reason! Mushrooms naturally balance the traditionally harmful effects of coffee, such as bloating, jitters/coffee anxiety (nervous system dysregulation), brain fog, and gastrointestinal distress. If you experience any of these things after drinking're going to want to try mushroom coffee.

Our mushroom coffee (Shroom Brew) is made with a macro dose of Chaga mushroom that we dual extract in using our proprietary methods. We can't give away our secrets, but we can tell you that we have gone to extensive lengths to perfect this unique process that renders our mushroom coffee as simply the highest quality and most effective on the market.

Brewing "Shroom Brew" is as easy as brewing a regular cup of coffee. While we prefer a Shroom Brew Pour Over; a French Press, Aero Press, or standard Drip Coffee maker will make an equally great cup of mountain magic.

For the Love of

  • A Clear Mind
  • Calm Focus
  • Adaptability to Stress
  • Immune System Fortification
  • and Supreme Antioxidation

We choose Shroom Brew.

The highest quality, the most innovative processes, and an affinity for the most effective. This is Life Itself.

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