Our Dharma

Dharma in life and in business.

What is Dharma? Essentially, it is the path that we are called to walk, duties we are called to fulfill, and way we are meant to be, as it is in accordance with the higher will of the universal law (God; whatever name feels right based on your experience).

Our Dharma is simple.

Sharing, Loving, Appreciating, and Helping Others Enjoy Life to the Truest Capacity.

We SHARE the gifts from our Mother Earth so that others may attain physical healing, mental purification, and spiritual connection.

We LOVE each and every living being on this earth. Life Itself allows us to connect with more and more beings and experiences, in which we are able to love more and more.

We APPRECIATE all beings, feelings, thoughts, expressions, as the brushstroke of the divine. You are the most important part of our business as you give us an opportunity to exercise our appreciation!

We HELP OTHERS ENJOY LIFE TO THE TRUEST CAPACITY. Through physical purification, we are allowed to focus on the more subtle aspects of the mind. Through mental purification, we are able to reside in the higher planes of spiritual consciousness. In this space, life is an absolute ecstasy. We want that for you! This is why our ULTIMATE DHARMA is...

To open up a "Retreat Center" where the goal is aimed at purification, with the result being fully alive. We imagine a new way of living where our lives are completely devoted to the enjoyment of spiritual enlightenment in a community of others who have a desire to celebrate life! We imagine it to be at no cost. We imagine it to be a new opportunity to exercise our Dharma, and leave the mark of God's will here on earth.