Chaga Testimonials

 Tanya Bertram // Market Customer

“I have been searching for a reasonably priced, ethically sourced Chaga supplement for years. After a recent significant fall, my need increased dramatically. With surgery a week away, I visited the Rochester Public Market to pick up a few things & there they were: two huge chunks of Chaga sitting on the counter of a stall! I stopped & chatted at length with Josh. He was very informative & empathetic.

I ended up purchasing the liquid concentrate, which I began taking 3x/day immediately after surgery. The results have exceeded all of my expectations. I was able to forgo all prescribed anti-inflammatory medicines with no ill effects. The Chaga lessened my need for heavy painkillers as well. I actually began to crave it; it was a highlight of my day(s)! Just what I needed to heal comfortably without fear.
‘Life Itself’ is an amazing product. I am so thankful to have ‘discovered’ it!!

Thanks Life Itself, I couldn’t have done it without you!!”

 Back in March of 2020 I dragged my fatigued ridden body with 13 hot spots (tender points of pain on your body from Fibro) out of bed and headed over to Horsefeathers Market.  I knew the City was preparing to shut down and I was in need of some retail therapy. I needed something to feel good about so where better to spend some money but with local businesses. My anxiety was through the roof and depression was setting in.  That day I bought Chaga Tea and before I finished the bottle I bought grounds on-line. My hot spots started to diminish, the brain fog, anxiety and depression became manageable and my joints started to strengthen with in days. Before I knew it I could sit on the floor and get up on my own.  Yes, it was that bad.  I'm so grateful to Life Itself for bringing this knowledge and natural (responsibly harvested) beautiful gift of a product to Buffalo.  You surely changed my
 life. I will be able to keep up with our growing family and the local food scene for a long time. Thank you from all of us!
-Jen Wolfe
Product Manager for FreshFix


“I’m going to keep this short and sweet because I don’t want to lose your attention. As it is very imperative, to me, that my experience is shared. 

My brain is often a very scary, relentless, unstable, confused and dark place to be. Full of fear and doubt. Trust me when I say I have tried to find every hidden escape door, only to lead right back to where I started. Nothing worked. But then Chaga. 

I’m not going to tell you it was the perfect escape. Because it wasn’t. It wasn’t an escape, at all. Quite the opposite, actually. It gently knocked on the bolted door of my brain, took its shoes off. Opened the blinds, swept the place up and read a good book. Not only did it make my head a comfortable place to be, but a beautiful one, as well. I felt the dark fog disappear as the light rolled gently in. 

I am passionate about this. Because this is the secret. And I’ll make sure it is no longer a hidden gem. But a widely spread one. Global.


 Olivia Zelasko, Reiki Practitioner



We love Life Itself so much. We use their Wild Chaga Tea in our coffee every morning and have noticed a significant difference in our consistent energy levels and our lessoned desire for caffeine. We also love using it as an after dinner digestive tonic and sometimes before bed too. If you tend to get bloated after meals, this chaga is a GOD SEND. Thank you Life Itself for helping us embody health beyond danger. We love you and expect to continue supporting your products.


Carina Devi / Jake Metzger, co-founder of Mindful Mama's Club

 Chaga Testimonial Leslie
My first time trying a sample of Chaga was at the Rochester Public Market. I have a small tear in my rotator cuff and was feeling it that morning. I came across this guy selling mushroom tea and decided to try a sample. When I tried it, I felt a feeling of euphoria and calm within five minutes of drinking the tea and my shoulder pain went away. I now drink the tea 30 minutes before going to bed to help me sleep better because of the shoulder pain. Boy do I sleep much better not worrying about the aches. I don’t get the sense of euphoria anymore, maybe because it was the first effect of trying the tea. My system is use to it and still eases the pain. Chaga mushroom tea is a God send.

Leslie Drummond, Executive Assistant

Chaga Testimonial Melody

I first met Josh selling chaga tea at the market over a year ago. I can contribute so much of my weight loss to having less inflammation, one of the biggest reasons I was excited to try the tea. I've been able to exercise a lot more regularly without experiencing pain like I used to. A favorite quality about chaga is that it's not a chore to drink. I create iced chaga tea lattes (oat milk+chaga+date syrup) as a standard but I love trying new recipes. My toddlers enjoy it too, and we look forward to seeing Josh each week at the public market. Thank you Josh for always being so kind.

-Melody Beattie, Mom


"Wow!! What a gift..!! My previous experiences consuming chaga from Life Itself have been SUCH a joy.. it makes me ask why this isn't as commonplace as coffee or any other popular food/drink options!! The cognitive acuity and energetic boost that is experienced from the chaga puts me at the top of my game in a light and clean fashion, ready to take on the day or any task at hand! Such a great addition that adds an extra glow to life, leaving me feeling nourished, grounded, present and restored every time! Entirely grateful that the warm and loving individuals here at Life Itself had connected me to the many life benefitting attributes of this powerhouse of a mushroom!"

Jesse Napierala, Permaculturist




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