Chaga Testimonials


"Wow!! What a gift..!! My previous experiences consuming chaga from Life Itself have been SUCH a joy.. it makes me ask why this isn't as commonplace as coffee or any other popular food/drink options!! The cognitive acuity and energetic boost that is experienced from the chaga puts me at the top of my game in a light and clean fashion, ready to take on the day or any task at hand! Such a great addition that adds an extra glow to life, leaving me feeling nourished, grounded, present and restored every time! Entirely grateful that the warm and loving individuals here at Life Itself had connected me to the many life benefitting attributes of this powerhouse of a mushroom!"

Jesse Napierala, Permaculturist



“I’m going to keep this short and sweet because I don’t want to lose your attention. As it is very imperative, to me, that my experience is shared. 

My brain is often a very scary, relentless, unstable, confused and dark place to be. Full of fear and doubt. Trust me when I say I have tried to find every hidden escape door, only to lead right back to where I started. Nothing worked. But then Chaga. 

I’m not going to tell you it was the perfect escape. Because it wasn’t. It wasn’t an escape, at all. Quite the opposite, actually. It gently knocked on the bolted door of my brain, took its shoes off. Opened the blinds, swept the place up and read a good book. Not only did it make my head a comfortable place to be, but a beautiful one, as well. I felt the dark fog disappear as the light rolled gently in. 

I am passionate about this. Because this is the secret. And I’ll make sure it is no longer a hidden gem. But a widely spread one. Global.


 Olivia Zelasko, Reiki Practitioner



We love Life Itself so much. We use their Wild Chaga Tea in our coffee every morning and have noticed a significant difference in our consistent energy levels and our lessoned desire for caffeine. We also love using it as an after dinner digestive tonic and sometimes before bed too. If you tend to get bloated after meals, this chaga is a GOD SEND. Thank you Life Itself for helping us embody health beyond danger. We love you and expect to continue supporting your products.


Carina Devi / Jake Metzger, co-founder of Mindful Mama's Club






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