EVENT: Yoga & Sound Healing

Yoga Buffalo

In this offering, Josh and Savannah come together to create a custom experience including your choice of Yoga, and the profound benefits of Sound Healing.

Choose from:
Yin Yoga: Softening, Opening, Release
Yin Yoga is a style centered around long holds in stretching postures. This practice deepens the connection to breath while also releasing tension, perfect for letting go of stress in the physical/mental/emotional bodies. Think of this practice as unclenching your fist, allowing you to receive the greatest gift available.
Vinyasa Yoga: Energizing, Movement, Flow
Vinyasa Yoga is a unique style of yoga in which the poses are sequenced to gradually prepare your body for a "peak pose". This is the most common form of yoga in the western world. This practice often unveils hidden abilities you didn't know you had, and can be a lot of fun to do in groups. Vinyasa Yoga is completely customizable for any experience level.
Restorative Yoga: Deep Relaxation, Effortless, Nourish
Restorative Yoga is exactly how it sounds- restorative. These long stretches are completely passive which means you sit (lay) back in a posture and relax. In most cases your body spends 3-5 minutes surrendering into gravity, naturally opening up with no effort at all. This practice is absolutely ideal for those who are fatigued/run down/otherwise exhausted from life, and need their cup filled back up.
Power Yoga: Strength, Power, Growth
Power Yoga is the strongest yoga there is. The poses and transitions require a lot of effort and are designed to give you a physical challenge. These classes are incredibly transformative as you are introduced with the edge of your ability, often illuminating and destroying the limitations you previously had in your mind. Power Yoga practice can have a profound effect on the body/mind as you redefine what is possible for yourself. This class is super fun to do with a group of people. Expect high energy!

No matter which class suits your event, you'll enjoy Sound Healing as a main feature. In the more energizing practices, expect the healing vibrations to start and end practice. In more relaxing, or passive classes, expect the intonations of Savannah's crystal singing bowls to grace you throughout the entirety of practice.
Sound Healing Buffalo

To book a Yoga & Sound Healing experience, first email hello@thisislifeitself with details of your event- how many people, the setting, the intention, desired duration and time of event, and all else you wish to include. After getting to know the details, we'll direct you to our on-site event scheduler to finish the process.