EVENT: Yoga on Shrooms

Yoga on Shrooms
This event is the whole transcendent sha-bang, including all of our transformational offerings into one experience.

In this experience we all start by setting a personal intention for transformation, followed by an optional tribal marking to represent the new energy you're intending to embody.

Once we've all set an intention and been marked, we begin our Chaga-Cacao Ceremony. During the ceremony, we invite gratitude in to our hearts, for the spirits of the plant medicines, for our lifelong journey of transformation, for ourselves, for our loved ones, and we expand this feeling of Loving Awareness out into all life. During the ceremony, expect to be bathed in the luxurious intonations of Savannah's crystal singing bowls.

Upon finishing our Chaga-Cacao, we move into our yoga practice. The practice itself begins with soft gentle movements to awaken the body, and retain the Loving Awareness we discovered in the prior ceremony. We progress slowly toward a more energizing and effortful practice until we reach a pose of peak effort, then we begin the soft descent back into blissful easiness with restful and restorative poses, finally ending in final savasana.

Once we are completely comfortable in savasana, we enjoy a 20 minute sound bath, expanding our awareness into new depths of space.

This event is by far our most transformative, fun, and popular. We suggest you prepare yourself for an experience of a lifetime.

To book a Yoga On Shrooms experience, first email hello@thisislifeitself with details of your event- how many people, the setting, the intention, desired duration and time of event, and all else you wish to include. After getting to know the details, we'll direct you to our on-site event scheduler to finish the process.