EVENT: Chaga-Cacao Ceremony

Cacao Ceremony BuffaloA Chaga Cacao Ceremony combines our hand-harvested, powerfully balancing Chaga Mushroom Medicine with Ceremonial Cacao, hand-crafted from a small village in the sacred rainforests of Guatemala creating a revolutionary plant medicine elixir.

The combination of unique constituents from these plant medicines, and the uncompromising quality standards from our sourcing, creates a heart opening, mind expanding, medicinal elixir that lays the perfect foundation for heart/mind healing.

In ceremony, we gather with our Chaga-Cacao elixir and begin the meditation of slowly sipping while Savannah softens the space by playing her 432hz crystal singing bowls. As we finish our elixir with reverence for the plant medicines, and begin to feel the consciousness expanding effect, we settle in as Josh guides a Loving Kindness meditation.

Loving Kindness meditation is a unique meditation designed to open the heart to compassion, and has been known to heal relational suffering- to oneself and others.

As our ceremony comes to a close, you can expect to feel lighter in your body/mind, more open hearted and compassionate toward all life, and fully established in the present moment.

Whether held in the company of a few select friends or a large public event, a Chaga-Cacao ceremony is best experienced in a group.

Before booking send an email to hello@thisislifeitself.com outlining the details of your experience, and we will guide you on the best way to proceed.