The Hydrator

You ever been real thirsty?

I'm talkin' REAL thirsty. Cellular level of thirst...Like your cells are cryin' out, body feeling fatigued, eyes are scratchy, and water just ain't quenchin', type of thirsty? Hell yeah, you have! Well, at least we know we have. And there is only one type of remedy to get the hydration in FAST and DEEP: The Hydrator.

Recipe makes 1-2 servings depending on how thirsty you are:

16 oz of Harmless Harvest Coconut Water

~2 tbsp of fresh aloe meat (don't use the green part unless you want to poop A LOT) 

1 organic lemon, squeezed

a pinch of Himalayan salt

3 full droppers of Life Itself Chaga + Shilajit

*Blend together and swig it down!

This elixir is great for morning, post-workout, chillin' in the hot sun, or just 'cuz you feel like. Happy hydration, my dudes!

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