'Bucha LVL UP

This one's really simple. The photo is really fancy lookin', but making this gut healing elixir takes all of 5 seconds. Take your favorite kombucha. Take your Life Itself Chaga + Shilajit tincture. Now, take 3 droppers full of your tincture and put it into your favorite kombucha. Boom.

This one is all about gut health. Not only are you getting the amazing probiotic benefits of kombucha, but Chaga and Shilajit are two of the most powerful herbs for creating a healthy belly. Without getting too science-y, Chaga is the king at stopping bad bacteria from communicating...shutting down their efforts to make you sick. Shilajit detoxes your cells, then builds them stronger, leaving you with an iron gut.



1 bottle of your favorite kombucha (Pictured here: Mystic Mango by GT's)

3 full droppers of Life Itself Chaga + Shilajit tincture

*Gently swirl

Prepare to feel the benefits of a clear mind and a healthy body after this tasty treat!


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