Nourish Bowl

Smoothie bowls are a staple in our diets. The fresh fruits, the creamy texture, and the resulting feeling of vitality...what's not to love?!

Here we are sharing an aesthetically pleasing to the eye, BLUE smoothie bowl. There's a couple of secret ingredients in here that give this smoothie bowl a super nourishing, energy boosting, level up. We're not ones to keep you waiting...check out the recipe below!

This recipe makes 1 large serving or 2 snack sized servings:

2 (ideally frozen) organic bananas

2 cups organic pineapple

1.5-2 cups of organic coconut milk (per desired thickness)

1 tbsp *E3 Live Blue Green Algae Powder (For the blueness)

3 droppers of Life Itself, Chaga + Shilajit

*Blend together until smooth

Top With (amounts per desired):

Shredded coconut

Organic Kiwi

Organic Dragonfruit

Organic Blueberries

This smoothie bowl is already bursting with enough nutrients to power you for hours, however, our little secret is the superfood upgrades. The E3 Live Blue Green Algae is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet and it gives the smoothie bowl such a beautiful color. You eat with your eyes too, ya know! And our Chaga + Shilajit, with all of it's unique benefits, is added to ensure this nutrient packed, plant-based, bowl is transformed into something truly...super.

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