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Medicine Bag

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We believe that when the intention, energy, and space are set for healing, love begins to bloom like a flower within our hearts.

This Medicine Bag was born out of our desire to share a portable toolkit filled with items that help create space for healing. We also wanted the bag to encourage the individual to become empowered with a morning or evening routine based around healing principles.
Each individual item found in this bag has been carefully selected with the intention of encouraging healing in your physical body and your mind. When well-being pervades the body/mind, there becomes space for us to live directly from our spiritual center, our heart. When one lives from their heart, they themselves are engulfed in feelings of well-being, which as a result, creates an effortless impact of love wherever they go.

Items included in The Medicine Bag:

  1. Chaga Mushroom Grounds: Brewed into a tea, this ancient herbal tonic adapts the body/mind to stress. This adaptation decreases our physical and emotional stress response that respectively degrades our body and relationships. Chaga also improves digestion, mental clarity/focus/memory, and immune functioning, along with a complete laundry list of other benefits. (See article "What is Chaga?" for more information) Life Itself
  2. Recovery Balm: This healing balm is a combination of magnesium, mint, ginger, and cayenne, which penetrates deep into aching muscles. This completely natural product helps us to release bodily tension, reduce pain, and as a result, creates a more relaxed disposition. Mindfully massaging this Recovery Balm into the muscles before bed is an ideal way to create an intimate connection with yourself, and disconnect from the stresses of the day. Nickel City Alchemy
  3. Tulsi (Holy Basil) Glycerite: This tincture is an extract from the stress relieving, holy herb, named Tulsi. A few drops of Tulsi under your tongue, or in your favorite tea, brings the individual respiratory healing from things like the common cold, the flu, coughing, asthma, bronchitis, and more. It is also a powerful adaptogen, energy booster, anti-inflammatory, and more. This powerful plant ally is mindfully extracted without alcohol with the intention of sharing a gentle healing experience. Gentle Spirit Botanicals
  4. Citrine Crystal: Excerpt from "It stimulates mental power and helps to focus. It activates both, mind and body. It brings happiness, joy, and positivity in life by eliminating the negative energies and vibes. Citrine is one crystal that does not accumulate or hold negative energy, in fact it transforms negativity into positive energy."
  5. Lavender Rosemary Candle: We recommend a yogic practice with this delightful smelling candle called Trataka, or candle gazing. Simply light the candle and place roughly 3 feet in front of you. Gaze the flame for a set period of time ranging from 5-30 minutes. Remain with your vision fixed on the candle. As you notice your mind drifting, gently bring the awareness back on the flame. This practice is wonderful in the hours before sunrise and in the hours after sunset to settle the mind into peace. Wildcrafters Candles
  6. Incense: We have included a choice incense to encourage a ritual space filled with healing aroma. Satya Incense
  7. Ethically Sourced Sage Stick: Sage is known to "clear the space". Essentially, Sage is an herb that when burned eases anxiety associated with our fast paced minds, and readies us for a new more peaceful state of mind. This is especially helpful before bed to encourage a deeply restful sleep. It is also an opportunity to walk around your entire space, inviting loving awareness to each and every corner. Glofx
  8. Custom Healing Playlist: Included on the infocard within the Medicine Bag will be the gift of healing music in the form of a Spotify scancode. Tap into a collection of music that all has the same intention; healing. Life Itself
  9. Morning and Evening Yoga Sequence: Crafted by registered yoga instructors, enjoy a simple morning and evening yoga practice. Life Itself
  10. Love Is Medicine Bag: This custom screen-printed burlap bag makes a statement wherever you decide to bring it. Use it to bring your healing essentials over to friends' houses. (Can you see yourself happily revealing your tarot deck from your bag?) Our favorite use is for buying bulk foods at the grocery store, reducing plastic waste. But, hey, a little bag always seems to come in handy- why not have it resonate with your true message? Life Itself