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Guayusa Loose Leaf Tea 8oz

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Guayusa (Why-You-Suh) is an Amazonian Holly tree known for its unique balance of caffeine, vitamins & amino acids. Guayusa provides as much caffeine as a cup of coffee but because of its high level of L-theanine and theobromine, you'll enjoy an energy boost without the inevitable jitters or crash from coffee.

Indigenous tribes of Ecuador nicknamed this herb "Night Watchman" because they believed that it allowed them to remain aware and awake even in their dreaming state. It was said that these tribesman & women were able to foretell the successfullness of a future hunt, & remain lucid during the dream states to resolve conflict and prepare for future events, all with the help of Guayusa.

Our Guayusa support Ecuadorian agroforestry systems called "Chakras" that provide medicinal, nutritional and spiritual nourishment for the neighboring tribes.

Guayusa is a stimulant without the jagged edges which makes this earthy, mildly sweet leaf, a perfect replacement for coffee. We hope you enjoy this magical and delightful experience for the senses, with an inspired reverence for the dynamic gift of nature.