Life Itself

Chaga + Shilajit

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We are so grateful and downright stoked to share our first batch of Dual Extracted Chaga Mushroom + Shilajit with the people. We took gracious amounts of time and care into bringing you this final product. From the years of research, hours of wandering in the woods hunting mushrooms, designing countless logo variations, handcrafting bottles for the launch, hand grinding our Chaga, testing the perfect ratios, designing and tying hangtags on the bottle that remind you what Chaga and Shilajit are all about...and other stuff coming down the pike. Why? Because you deserve quality! Life Itself IS quality!

As we mentioned, for our first batch we decided to go with a handcrafted, sparkly silver (1oz) tincture bottle to reflect the celebration of this moment. Hell yeah! Would ya look at that bottle sparkle!

(Just like you)


1oz bottle equals 30 servings