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4 PACK - 16oz Chaga Coffee (One Week Supply)

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Chaga Cold-Brew is a 50/50 mixture of our Wild-Harvested Chaga Tea and Fair-Trade, Organic, Single-Origin, Cold Brew Coffee, locally roasted by Kornerstone Coffee in Kenmore, NY.

Why Chaga + Cold-Brew Coffee?

Plainly, putting the Chaga in Coffee is one of the easiest ways to ensure we, as a coffee drinking culture, get our medicine!
Chaga and Cold-Brew Coffee is a match made in heaven for those looking to "jumpstart the engine" in the morning, AND keep clean, focused, energy throughout the day.

Why? First, Cold-Brewing the coffee reduces the acidity. That makes a huge difference in the way the body responds to the beverage. An acidic body is a disease generator and an energy robber. Secondly, Chaga is full of over 215 vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. This means that first thing in the morning, you are fueling your cells with meaningful nutrition that will aid you in feeling naturally energized. For more on Chaga benefits, click the "LEARN" tab under Chaga Mushroom on the home page.

THIS is the mushroom coffee with true vitalizing potential. Why continue to suffer with the negative effects of drip coffee? You have found the cure.

(P.S. It tastes just like coffee)

2 servings per 16oz bottle!