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Ceremonial Cacao - 1lb

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Life Is A Ceremony- Proceed With Heart

This Ceremonial Cacao is an invitation to honor the intelligence from the guide within your heart. The unique nature of this plant medicine has been known to open the heart-mind and catalyze visceral experiences of gratitude- and especially so for the relationships in our lives. For this reason, Cacao lends itself to be shared in a delicious ceremony with those you wish to open a deep connection with.

Our Cacao is sourced from the ancient Cacao groves of the Guatemalan rainforests, making it a truly reverent spiritual gift, made available through generations of cultivating a harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship between Mother Earth and Humanity. Once the Cacao fruit is picked from the family-owned fruit forests, it is fermented, fire roasted, then peeled with Love by Mayan women's collectives. Each seed carries the prayer that these people and lands will continue to be healthy and fruitful. Your purchase helps to answer that prayer.

High Antioxidant Potency
Healthy Fatty Acids
Cardiovascular Dilator
Mental Decompression
Increases Cerebral Growth
Opens Heart to Love and Expansion

**We recommend pairing Cacao with Chaga Tea for a sacred Mushroom Cacao Ceremony. The two plants work synergistically to open up a heart centered vision and creativity. This is the alchemical base for the elixir served at our event Yoga on Shrooms.