Yoga On Shrooms

Yoga on Shrooms. NO! They are NOT hallucinogenic mushrooms :)
(We get that question a lot. We just wanted to lead with enough power to gather your attention there.)

So what's going on here? What is Yoga on Shrooms?

Our Yoga on Shrooms event begins as we serve an elixir of Chaga Mushroom, Cacao, and other sacred herbs/mushrooms, that aid us in relaxing our nervous system. We do this as a ritual together, simply sipping with our awareness turned inward, to notice what is happening inside as we ingest the elixir. This is a call to notice any emotions that need to be let go, any physical pain that we've been ignoring instead of healing, and any thoughts that can be transformed. We do this together, in silence, all turned inward.

When finished with our elixir, we open our eyes and begin our physical practice. The sense of connection created once our collective baggage is let go is palpable. And to flow in and out of postures while in this state is truly transformative. The souls in the room connect as one, moving together, in separate bodies. As we recognize our soul, in a space where others are recognizing their souls, we become comfortable being one. With awareness on our soul, we begin to tap into a consciousness of the Great Spirit, or source in which our soul comes from. And naturally, we realize, the other is home to this same Great Spirit. We feel safe to explore one another's differences with curiosity and delight. We see the flesh, emotions, thoughts, feelings, and experiences of the other as something to celebrate and learn from. We enter into a state of pure harmony.

THIS is the practice we engage in. We are so passionate about this event because we have seen the healing effect is has on the lives of who attend, and farther reaching, the new relationship formed to life itself. When one realizes that all life is one, coming from the same source, the one we practice moving in at this event, they leave with pure reverence. THIS is the recipe for great and universal healing.

THIS is Yoga on Shrooms.



04.13.19, 9am-12pm | YOGA + ELIXIRS @ Merge, Buffalo NY
05.03.19, 6pm-9pm | YOGA + ELIXIRS: Yin & Tonic @ Merge, Buffalo NY
05.04.19, 9am-12pm | YOGA + ELIXIRS: Morning Glory @ Merge, Buffalo NY
06.02.19, 10am-1pm | YOGA + ELIXIRS: Third Eye Flow @ Kornerstone Cafe Larkin, Buffalo NY


In the upcoming year, we're going on tour across the USA! We're sharing this practice far and wide to drop seeds of universal healing in every major city around this country. We'll be converting a bus to travel in, while living the true yogi lifestyle...always moving. We plan to share this practice in Yoga Studios, and holistic healing spaces, while remaining open to any and everywhere that desires the event.

If the description of Yoga on Shrooms is enticing for you, let us know and we'll come to your city. Reach out through the Contact page and let us know you want us to come to you. Feel free to add some suggestions for yoga studios or spaces you could envision the event happening.

We'll see you on tour!